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As a resident of Bicester all my life I sometimes look at our little town!!!! And think isn’t it nicer now that the council have allowed all these lovely changes to be made for example.

I read in the Daily Mail a wonderful article about “BICESTER VILLAGE” and how good it is for the town of Bicester, I agree without the Village we wouldn`t have all the charity shops in the town centre, estate agents would have to move out of Sheep Street men that board up shop fronts would have to look elsewhere for work and god forbid we should ever want to drive our cars out of Bicester on a Saturday or Sunday with out it taking upwards of 40 minutes to do so.

The village has also made the weekly shop at Tesco a more pleasant experience who wouldn`t like to spend an hour sat in traffic waiting to go home, the recent changes to the road system to improve the traffic flow through Bicester was actually set out to improve the access INTO the Village, now let me think! More traffic into the Village improves the flow through Bicester because??? “Oh” of course the Village says it does why didn’t I think of that.

It is time that the people who count and by this I mean us idiots who pay our council tax got together and make our Town Council tell this monster that lives with us to sort it`s self out or we will restrict the hours it can open or maybe even stop it having any more buildings built, come on councillors do your jobs and stand up for the people who pay you to represent us.

But as we all know this will not happen because the council would have to ask permission from the Village first, and as the Village is now the dog and the council the tail we can all see which way that conversation will end.

Must go now but I will be rambling on again soon

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And so it came to be!! That the BSA finally got rid of Bicester Town Fc and everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else as to who is to blame and this one does make me F*%^ing ANGRY.

As a member of BTFC for a lot of years I have seen some right self-serving tossers come and go on the committee, from the baldy welsh git who built a sno**er club to the man who brought us “Johnny Hurricane” the members have just laughed at them and got on with their drinking the thinking being oh well someone else will sort it out “well they didn`t “and now it`s gone you have no one to blame but your selves

At a meeting two weeks ago people who haven’t see the inside of that club for god knows how many years turned out to sit and all of a sudden be full of brilliant plans to raise cash and keep the place going “well too late” you should have come along three years ago and had brilliant ideas, same with getting rid of the one committee member who refused to produce any accounts and was involved in third party banking from an account set up to ACTUALY save Bicester Town Fc but in fact killed it stone dead,

“You can`t have an AGM without accounts and balance sheet adopted by members” was the comment of the night and” how did he get away with that at an AGM” blah blah the list goes on and on.

Well the answer to all of the above is simple “Where were you all for that AGM” I`ll tell you were you were at home sat on your arses thinking “someone else will sort it out”, time and time again people were asked to help out on the committee and time after time no one bothered and even when we got people from outside of the club who were doing a fantastic job the “one committee member” was allowed to one by one get rid of them, we even had the only AGM in history where the members weren’t allowed to vote!! For f##ks sake and still nobody said anything, even this year’s joke GM he made 42 people members who didn’t know about it so he could manipulate the voting once again only two people questioned him and no one backed them up.

This leads me to the B/S in the papers why did he not just tell the truth for once in his time at BTFC the man is a “weasel” who has been allowed again to simper his way out of all this quietly while a few good people at the club have had to stand by and watch as their club was sentenced to death.

Although the BSA are not whiter than white in all this the fact still remains that at the end of the day it is you the members who are ultimately responsible for this where were you all when the club was open would it of hurt you to pop in for a few pints on your way elsewhere or to join the usual suspects who have for years mutilated their internal organs on a Sunday for the good of the cause no you stayed away at the Highfield or Ashton and let this happen to your club so although the Weasel /” one committee member” was ultimately responsible you must all take a good hard look at your selves and say This is actually our fault.

Finally a massive thank you to all who stayed right till the end / who tried so valiantly but failed to save the club (you all know who you are) who emptied the place of all alcohol on Thursday night.

PS. for legal reasons the one committee member cannot be named but it was a male (there were only four committee members two were women and it wasn`t Julian) make your own minds up.

PPS NO ACTUAL WEASELS were used or identities revealed in the writing of this article.

I will be back with more ramblings soon The Angry Man

This Picture was on the wall of the gents in BTFC after their last meeting, when it was announced the club was to close, It was signed 'Anon'

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BTFC vs BSA Round 2

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse I am now told that the Weasel is back, That’s right folks he is back and as mad as ever, has this man has no shame, he has attached himself to the small committee who are trying still so valiantly to restart our club only this time he has brought Mrs weasel with him! why can’t they see that the BSA hate them both and as long as they are involved neither BSA or the right minded people of Bicester will have anything to do with our cause, he truly can’t see that he has done anything wrong? What is wrong with this man (by the way still no accounts as yet?)

Example of Weasel insanity!!! Chris Hurly has received an Email from Mrs Weasel promising him the manager’s job when "They" resurrect Bicester Town FC; Jonny Sullivan couldn’t wright stuff like this could he!!!


Angry man

Coming soon Parking Wars & Bicester’s new F1 Street circuit

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