Bicester Wuz A Little Town - The Garth

Garth House

This building was given to the people of Bicester, it is now in a state of disrepair after years of neglect by successive councils.

There are those on the present council that would see this impressive old building demolished, stating that it is too expensive to repair.

This is only a personal view..bu wouldn't the unexplained £30,000 pay off to an ex member of staff pay for a few new windows etc.

The ex Bicester town council employee actually holds the same position with another council. Not incompetent then... £30,000 for a personality clash? with?


bicester eco town

Yes they did build it!...the eco house destined to be demolished

2013 update - councillors now call for the 'blot on the landscape' to be removed..demolished before the first 'eco' house has even been built..the scheme is delayed because developers still dont own all the land



After offering someone elses land to the government for the 'ECO' devolpment (owners last to know) The new 'ECO' show home is to be built at the Garth!


Apparently the proposed 'ECO' site is too far from the people that may want to witness and learn from this new technology...not Bicester people then?

How 'ECO' is it to build a house and then demolish it?

Surely on the actual site they could SELL? the house?...............'ECO'?

Ps It also means that the current elected councillors will have a show home on their (our?) handy if it rains!

A line from a present day Bicester & CDC Councillors election leaflet 'echo', very comforting!!

Can anyone guess who??


Well done to the maintenance technicians at the Garth...again! 

Look who's taking the fingers?, possibly

Dirty fingers?, not a chance!!


Please remember this was a 'surprise' announcement, even to this lot...dont let them take the credit!