Bicester Bill

When I moved to Bicester from a big city in the early 1960s it was like landing on another planet. A small market town with family businesses and independent shops, an outdoor swimming pool, cinema and a fantastic park for the kids. There were pubs on every corner for the adults, who of course all knew each other...a real community!

So, given that time and tide wait for no man and that the past always seems to take on a rosy glow,  progress is inevitable etc etc...          

 Is Bicester a better place now?

This website is an opportunity for the people that live here to have their say about issues that affect us all, good and bad, please e mail:

      if you have a point of view

Are we village idiots?

Only if we dont start questioning the career councillors and planners that are riding roughshod over the residents of this town! 

Last Moan

For those of you worried that the council is not listening to you,

dont worry are not alone!