Residents Parking


2012 update council traffic officers still cant issue a fine


CDC have also delayed the proposed residents parking scheme for Banbury stating that its not worth introducing if they cant enforce it, it was deemed good enough for Bicester! we will have paid for over four  years before a fine is issued.

people have never been given what this scheme proposed and what they were promised, Is that legal?

In the meantime some scary stickers do the job 

 Collect approx 30 of these and CDC may prepare a prosecution!



The Scheme

Supposedly implemented to help residents that struggled to park because of commuters.

In fact Priory Road was the only area with no road markings to stop the commuters, this was the only road that was to be involved in a trial.

There are some determined commuters but none to my knowledge that parked all day every day on double and single yellow lines.

So the councils involved jumped in eyes wide closed and seeing a nice earner brought in other streets.

Where it has worked, congratulations, these properties have now increased their value courtesy of the council but why?? it wasn't CDCs job to provide parking by removing lines, who decided who the lucky streets would be? why haven't Field street got permits for North Street and increase their property value.

But some of the problems this scheme has caused are incredible, for instance..........................

It was never checked where people parked, so houses with dropped kerbs and off road parking i.e garages!  have permits as well.

Camper vans are exempt from height restrictions so if you dont want yours blocking out your light and view, park it outside someone elses house.

Each vehicle is allowed  visitors passes free of charge.......visitors are not residents. Why are they taking up householders spaces?

The council wont guarantee parking, then what are people paying for? when in some areas there are not enough spaces and they have deliberately oversold those spaces including to non residents of one area money for nothing.

The parking attendents cant issue fines until April 2010, now 2011...2012?.... what have people paid for?

CDC Specials 

Issued a residents parking permit to someones brother that doesn't even live in Bicester!.

Gave a permit to a business in North Street..the owners dont even live there!.

Included a whole street of houses that were never in the consultations..Kings End!.

Issued a permit to an oversize commercial vehicle..ignoring their own height restrictions!.


 Exclusive Club?

While the rest of the town are paying to park to shop, the residents with parking permits can park in any area,as they got these permits because of their address why are they valid elsewhere?

Finally, spare a thought for the homes in Kings End who have a daily battle with non residents with permits from the next street who park outside their homes for days and weeks.....commuters then !!.

Manners? courtesy? consideration? NO I've got a permit I will park.

The residents in North Street are being prevented from parking by people stopping to buy chips!

Victoria Road residents cant park because other permit holders park there whilst they shop!. 

In the real world......

How many times can you charge money for a service you cant provide????

FAQ Residents Parking

When will I get a space near my home?

Why is that stranger parked outside?

why do they have a permit?

What have I paid for? 

How many fines have been issued?

Are we better off now, or are the council that collects the money?

Why is it a toss up if I get a place?

We were able to park and now that we pay we cant!