Bicester Town Football Club

One persons common sense vision of the possible future of Oxford Road sports grounds:

Following the Bicester Town Council successful request for the Oxford Road site to be recognised as an - Asset of Community Value:

This set of circumstances, could well create an unique opportunity for the people of Bicester and perhaps the more important consideration, that future generations will be able to enjoy sporting facilities of the highest quality, for an unrestricted time period.

Compulsory - Purchase of the Oxford Road site by the appropriate local authorities (public funded) will allow user clubs the capacity to secure tenure and long time leases, which in turn will provide favourable conditions to apply for substantial funding..

Sport England and the Football Association, can offer grants, in large numbers, these funds will enhance and put in place the foundation to develop sporting and community assets.

The Premier League, have also pledged and committed £102m, to improve grass roots football - for clubs, schools, councils and local sports associations.

I am sure other sporting associations would be just as generous to their respective clubs, if approached.

The potential transformation of the Oxford Road site, to a prominent sporting centre of excellence, would encourage the townspeople to participate in sport and support a healthier way of life.

The accessibility and location of the site, will mean all will be able to walk, cycle or use public transport, to this Town based site.

The Scope of the site and expected funding, with the injection of the right management skills and foresight, could also provide an all-weather court, that would be available to the public at a subsidised rate, but also specialist surface sports such as hockey would be able to take advantage of the court.

Also the local Athletics Club who have an ever increasing membership, but do not have the facilities they deserve should be catered for..

This opportunity must be seized to give the Town a sporting legacy all can be proud of, it was the townspeople who gave generous amounts, paid into the ground - purchase fund, to buy the land from the Coker family many years ago, who will have provided and opened the door for a healthier sporting life, for all.

Previously in the BSA v BTFC & people of Bicester saga:

Bicester Town Football Club

130 years of history wiped out because of a personality clash,

a chairman who didnt make accounts available for years..oh yes and alleged financial irregularities by said chairman in his banking dealings with the BSA




                                    BTFC v BSA..Its all over!

The BSA are an invitation only group of trustees that are responsible for the Bicester sports pitches, this land was purchased by Bicester people for the sole use of sports to benefit locals.

 The BSA sold land to Tesco's and Bicester Village for many millions of pounds, how many millions?? no one knows as they (BSA) call themselves a private trust and insist they don't have to show accounts.



It was perfectly clear to everyone including the ex chairman why the BSA finally got the chance to evict BTFC

2015 BSA Vs BTFC The final insult!!

Yes the unelected unaccountable BSA have joined with U+I Developers to build houses and shops on Oxford Road sports pitches

The people are revolting!!! please sign our ipetition, the BSA dont like it, pls click link:
Save Bicester Communal Sports Ground (Oxford Road site)


Closed but is it legal?