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Bicester Village traffic 

 Bicester Village Traffic Update Its now 2016 and to be fair we haven't experienced the hell that was usual on Boxing day in recent years, thanks to horrendous gridlock caused by Bicester Village traffic on 'Black Friday' 2014 when press helicoptors were flying over the town reporting the unbelievable queues.

Since the country witnessed the problems, Bicester Village have provided parking enforcers and paid towards a park and ride (a few hundred yards from the Village) that is virtually unused.

years and years too late to impress or engage the locals of Bicester

Bicester Village traffic has affected the locals of the town since it opened in 1995, with one road to enter and exit the village by its not unusual to see queues and traffic jams most  weekends and bank holidays.

Every council/councillor in Oxfordshire knows about these problems, what have they done?? nothing

Where are the Bicester town councillors? not one of them has commented in all this time, why aren't they demanding a solution that will help the 32,000 residents of Bicester?

The 'tail that wags the dog' finally goes too far.

boxing day 2012 40,000 visitors bring bicester and the village to a standstill

On Boxing day 2011 the village had 30,000 visitors and caused chaos!!..excellent Oxford mail report


This was one of many letters to the Bicester local paper



I wonder if I could ask, through your column, a few questions of the management company of Bicester Village what they intend to do about the horrendous traffic problems we are having to endure again. I did call today but the only answer anyone could give me was that the "abnormally high traffic volumes around Bicester had nothing to do with Bicester Village".

Could they then explain why the queue of stationary traffic appeared to start at the entrance to pingle field and stretched back as far as 3 miles past jct 10 of the M40? I know how far the queue went as I was travelling in the opposite direction towards Banbury. So well done Bicester Village, you've excelled yourself today, not only for inconveniencing the town folk, but thousands of motorists travelling to other parts of the country.

On returning to Bicester later that day, via a very circuitous route to avoid traffic jams, I was horrified to see the number of the grass verges covered in cars abandoned by shoppers unable to find parking spots, also a major route between Rodney Hose roundabout and the A41 roundabout closed by the police because of ignorant shoppers parking on the side of the road and walking to Bicester Village, I believe this road to be a clearway, would be interesting to hear from the police as to how many vehicles/owners had tickets issued to for contravention of the road traffic act.

So Bicester Village questions as follows:

What do you intend to do about the traffic?...we dont want to hear about surveys you have carried out and the odd off duty policeman you are going to pay to keep the traffic flowing..we want real solutions.

Are you going to pay for any repairs to grass verges that your inconsiderate customers have damaged?

Are you going to actually take any notice of this letter?

Or are you going to do the same as indifference to the requests from local residents and just keep counting your money.

Do we have to start picketing your business to get our message across?



A fed up local resident.