with details and it will be published to this page, anonymous is fine as long as we cant get arrested!


This Bicester trader contacted me recently, I am not happy to reveal the business without her permission but frankly this issue affects all of our shops/eateries...'The tail that wags the dog' what does it do for us?


Came across your site, and thought about two things. 
Firstly we have just opened a *** ****** **** ** ****** ******

and so i read your points with interest.  As i have an interest in what is happening in and around bicester i note with interest that very little business or revenue comes into bicester high street from the village.  I also note that it seems to be a little known fact that there is a walkway between the village (footpath 51) that only takes five minutes to bring people to town.  I don’t know if it should be the councils job but if it were much clearer to people that are in the village that there are buildings of interest in the high street, and that you don’t have to wait for a table in the eateries for hours on end as there are other options five minutes away, that the town overall would benefit.  The council have provided one small blue sign showing town centre.  It would be a good idea to put up a proper bill board and map showing what is five minutes away at the entrance to the path i would have thought.  But perhaps no one wants to upset the village.  This information is also not readily available in the tourist information office currently.  I am sure other traders in the high street, and the people of bicester generally would agree, that if the people of bicester have to put up with the traffic it brings, they should have some perks.  So village idiots it is perhaps a point to be campaigned about. 



This was the queue yesterday at one restaurant.

Do these people know Bicester is queue free?



 Hi Bicester Bill

From someone who has waded through the streets of Bicester in snow, ice and sludge.

We read comments in the Bicester Ad this morning someone moaning about the state of our roads in Bicester, apparently many roads in other towns are clear.

Constantly you hear people moaning about the lack of grit in Sheep Street and moaning about the Council, using quite a lot of expletives!!!

The writers comments, under Roads Anger in Comments, are totally correct, couldn't agree more.

As the town council are elected officials elected by the people of Bicester shouldn't they have seen the state of our roads and then lobbied CDC or whoever to have something done in Bicester.

Then to read in this week's copy of the Bicester Advertiser that the Council Tax will not rise this year as things can be achieved more cheaply, they cannot afford to look after our roads in this current cold spell.

What we must remember about the generous offer of not raising CT, this is an election year, the CT will probably go up twice as much next year!!!!

Do they think we are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely agree!  BB



I read this ladies letter on facebook and it really struck a chord...over to you...Katharine Candoit

 I think something should be done in bicester for kids of all ages to be able to go to.

 Ok there is a bowling alley and then this cinema that might eventually open, but its all COST to parents. If we cant afford for our children to go there most day and nights then they will all end up on the streets like they are now.

...What happend to the really good youth clubs that used to be many years ago?? All Bicester seems worried about is building more houses, extending bicester village but still doing NOTHING for the families in this town!!!!!!

I am sometimes not suprised that kids have no respect for this town when everything gets done and improved for the "TOWN" but nothing for the kids that already live here!!!!

Thanks Katharine its the line about respect that gets to me, we thankfully dont live in a ghetto but what if our children were to treat the TOWN with contempt it should be a horrible thought for all of us!